HSE Questionnaire

In order to improve our practice in the fields of occupational health & safety, environmental protection and fire protection, and in accordance with our commitment to being a socially responsible company, starting from April 1, 2013, only service providers* (and their subcontractors) who meet the requirements set forth in the legislation of the Republic of Serbia in the fields of occupational health & safety, environmental protection and fire protection will be able to participate in tenders and procurement procedures organized and conducted by NIS a.d. Novi Sad.

* Service providers are required to undergo the HSE qualification process, except in cases where the following services are solely provided:

·         Services provided at the Contractor's location (servicing, weighing & measuring, calibration, etc.);

·         Administrative services (translation, consulting, legal, software, architecture, design, freight forwarding, logistics (excluding transport services), printing, banking, valuation/registration of property, cadastral surveyance of buildings, marketing services (not including works at height), etc.);

·         Health services;

·         Services from suppliers and contractors in the scope of the Company's supply contracts (treated as third parties).

The process applies in part to Contractors whose work falls under the following definitions:

·         staff nutrition and accommodation services are subject solely to the requirements stemming from Steps 1, 2, 3.8, 3.9 and 4.

·         provision of services relating to the maintenance and servicing of equipment that is covered by the warranty period and was installed by the Contractor is only subject to the requirements outlined in Step 3, namely activities: 3.2, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10.

·         for other services provided by public companies, institutions or bodies, as well as companies listed in SA-07.02.09-009: List of non-alternative suppliers at the Company's locations, no obligation for HSE retraining/qualification applies, but all other requirements of the Standard are applicable.

To facilitate the understanding and implementation of the contractor management process by NIS a.d. Novi Sad employees and the Contractor alike, NIS a.d. Novi Sad is introducing a Step program, which will make reference to a number of normative-methodological documents (NMDs) and guidelines adopted by various bodies responsible for processes within the Company.

The Step program is shown in Figure 1, and includes:

  • HSE Pre-qualification and Qualification of Contractors - Step 1;
  • Selection of Contractor - Step 2;
  • Performance of Work - Step 3;
  • Evaluation and analysis of the Contractor's performance - Step 4.


Due to the continuation of business cooperation, and in compliance with legislation in the fields of occupational health & safety, environmental protection and fire protection, it is of high importance that your company is qualified in terms of these fields. Such qualification is achieved through the HSE qualification process, i.e. completion of the HSE questionnaire and submission of related documents.

Note for Contractors providing environmental services and employee housing & nutrition services:

·         If the Contractor performs environmental tasks, they are to complete the Questionnaire_environmental protection. The method of completing the questionnaire is the same as for other services, but the following must be completed:

  • basic elimination criteria, and
  • elimination criteria for work in the field of environmental protection (Defined in Table 1, Questionnaire_environmental protection, part 1 (Questionnaire)).
  • If the Contractor undertakes services in the field of accommodation and nutrition of employees, they must meet the elimination criteria for work in the field of accommodation and nutrition of employees (defined in HSE Qualification Questionnaire_SIZ)

Please provide, along with the completed HSE questionnaire, the documentation evidencing the answers in the questionnaire, as well as verified BZR forms (records) in electronic form at: hse.kvalifikacija@nis.eu - in order to confirm the statements given in the questionnaire, and thus allow the beginning/continuation of a successful collaboration.

The requested documentation is to be submitted exclusively in electronic form, in Serbian or English.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Contact persons:

  • Helena Hasina Živanović  Jelena.Zivanovic@nis.eu 0648885838
  • Slavko D. Babić slavko.d.babic@nis.eu 0648882890
  • Gordana Mijatov Gordana.Mijatov@nis.eu 0648453568
  • Dušica N. Savić Dusica.N.Savic@nis.eu 0648882035
  • Vladimir Todorović vladimir.todorovic@nis.eu 0648882714
You can download the required HSE qualification documentation here: